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Pastor Rodney Gage spent over 14 years as an itinerant speaker and author. In October of 1998, Rodney and Michelle attended a Church Leadership Conference in Chicago, Illinois where God clearly spoke to their hearts to start a church committed to reaching non-churched people.

After learning of Rodney’s call upon his life to start a church, Dr. Jim Henry (former) pastor of The First Baptist Church of Orlando contacted Rodney about the possibilities of bringing his vision to Orlando. After much prayer and sensing God’s call on their lives, Rodney and Michelle (8 months pregnant) along with their other two children moved from Dallas, Texas to Orlando to pursue a new vision God had put in their hearts. 

With the help of a dedicated team of 43 volunteers, that vision became a reality on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2001 when Fellowship of Orlando (now ReThink Life Church) launched their inaugural public worship service at the Northlake Park Elementary School/YMCA located in Lake Nona. After realizing the timing of planting the church in Lake Nona was well ahead of the growth curve back in 2001, We began a challenging, city spanning journey that led our portable church to a movie theater, a high school, and another elementary school with the attempts to be located in a more populated community. 

In December 2004 God began orchestrating a move back to the southeast quadrant of Orlando, and provided the opportunity to return to the original vision to reach the non-churched of Southeast Orlando. That move enabled Fellowship to say “farewell” to the road cases of the past and ‘hello’ their newly renovated 15,000 square foot facility in December of 2005. 

In 2013 Fellowship Church went through a rebranding and renaming process with renewed vision to reach the 1% of greater Orlando.  With that determined focus we became ReThink Life Church. The ReThink Life message, “helping people live life on purpose” has been the driving passion of Pastor Rodney and the entire church from our inception. It is now our new name and identity as ReThink Life Church begins a new season of impact on our city and the world.


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