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Rodney Gage is the founding pastor at ReThink Life Church in Orlando, Florida. Before starting the church, Rodney Gage traveled throughout the country as a sought after author and speaker. During that time, Rodney spoke to over 2 million students in public and private schools through his nationally acclaimed "Wise Up" school assembly lecture. In addition, Rodney has spoken in over 300 churches and has been the featured speaker at some of America's largest gatherings for youth and church leaders. Rodney is known for his relevant, practical and sincere style of communication that connects with today's contemporary audience.

Rodney is a graduate of Liberty University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of six books including ReThink Life. You can learn more about ReThink Life at rethinklifebook.com. Rodney and his wife Michelle have 3 children.

You can connect with Rodney on Facebook, Instagram, or TwitterYou can connect with Michelle on Facebook, Twitteror Instagram.

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