As we pursue our vision to purchase land and build our future, our goal for 2020 is to strengthen our church financially so we can be cash ready for a quick closing when opportunity knocks to purchase land. We will need approximately $600,000 in cash to close. To date, we have over $200,000 set aside in our land fund that has already been given through the generosity of others.

As we begin the new year of 2020, imagine what God could do through all of us if everyone participated by giving over and above their regular tithes and offerings by year-end?  The only goal we have through our Imagine Initiative is to receive 100% participation from those who call ReThink Life their church home. It’s not about equal gifts as much as it is equal sacrifice. As a church, the pace of our vision is 100% dependent upon the pace of our giving.

Please pray about making a 1-year financial commitment that will be used to help accelerate our vision so we can be ready to open the door when opportunity knocks. We are asking everyone to ask God would He would them give and bring their intended amount by using the Imagine 2020 pledge card and drop it in the offering container.

You can also participate by fulfilling your pledge at any time by giving a one time gift or setting up recurring gifts online.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and for stacking hands with us as we go all in to pursue the vision God has for us.



Make a 1-year commitment that will be used to make a mark on our future.

Ask God what He would have you do over and above your tithe toward Imagine 2020.

Respond out of obedience and faith. 

Know your sacrifices and generosity will help accelerate our vision and help impact generations to come.