RETHINK LIFE 40 Day Experience & Life Group Launch

Join us September 13th for a 40 day spiritual growth journey designed to shift your perspective, make better choices and have greater impact.


Spiritual growth initiatives are like a shot in the arm” to help you move from where you are to where God desires for you to be. Here are four reasons why the RTL 40 Day experience will impact your life.

1. Spiritual Growth Initiatives Build New Habits.

Spiritual growth is all about helping people develop strong spiritual habits. Your character is determined by your habits. Far too many Christians never grow because theyve never developed good solid habits like prayer, fellowship in a small group, tithing, daily Bible reading, prayer and fasting.

Research shows it takes six weeks to develop a habit. Youve got to do it every day for three weeks so you become comfortable with the practice. Then you need to do it every day for another three weeks to get the practice installed in your life.

To help people develop spiritual habits, you need an intense period of at least six weeks. This is why our ReThink Life Spiritual Growth Initiative is 40 days.

 2. Spiritual Growth Initiatives Create Focus. 

Philippians 2:2 teaches us that the early church was focused with "one heart, one mind, and one purpose."  In the RTL campaign, everyone will study the same topic for six weeks.  That means small groups and entire families are united by focusing on the same topic during this experience.  This focus boosts spiritual growth and enhances fellowship.

 3. Spiritual Growth Initiatives Engage Multiple Learning Styles.

In the RTL 40 Day Experience, each week youll hear a life-giving message, memorize related Bible verses, read a daily devotional reinforcing the topic, watch a video on the topic, discuss it in a small-group environment, and serve in an outreach project to help make an even greater impact on peoples lives.

 4. Spiritual Growth Initiatives Cultivate Exponential Faith.  

When you study Scripture, you discover how God responds to peoples belief. When you read about the miracles God performed in the Bible, you encounter stories of faith. God will do in your life exactly what you expect him to do. The Bible says,Everything that does not come from faith is sin” (Romans 14:23 NIV). 

This 40 Day RTL Spiritual Growth Initiative is going to stretch you and challenge you to experience tremendous growth in your life.  It will shift your perspective, help you make better choices, and have a greater impact with your life.


Physical copies can be purchased for $10 each through the individual Life Group Leaders or you can purchase the book or ebook at


We will place the weekly video chapters online through an online portal.  Instructions will be given at the trainings for Life Group leaders on how to access the videos. Special arrangements can be made for those needing further assistance.

You can click on the link below or access the devotional at or on the YouVersion App on your smartphone. My Bible App